ABC’s Journaling and Prompts!

There are so many ways to approach ABC Journaling! It's a super fun way to create AND you already have a sort of road map to follow; the alphabet! 
Here are some fun examples of ABC Journaling: 
A long time ago in a kingdom far far away…. 
Before there were jets or boats or 
Cars or anything…..
Dragons were everywhere though!
Abundance surrounds me in all I do.
Beauty is everywhere I look.
Clouds above me and ground below
Delighted with the hot bath I took
Things I love:
Apples, accolades, activity, 
Babies, backyards, bumpercars, bubbles,books
Cats, cashews, chocolate, coffee, cookies, 
Dogs, driving through the country, dancing
Fill the page with images or words for the letter(s) you're working on!
  • Recipes (Applesauce, Almond Cake, Aunt Susie's Biscuits)
  • Foods (Asparagus, BBQ!, Cherry Pie)
  • Cities/States/Countries (you've been to or want to visit someday!)
  • Flowers
  • Animals 
  • Insects
  • People 
There's no rules to journaling! Write what feels good and what you feel inspired to!
Fill one whole page per letter.
For example, one page all about
ABUNDANCE, what it means to you and how you are abundant now! 
BEAUTIFUL, what it means to you and how you are beautiful now!
CREATIVE, what it means to you and how you are creative now!
And so on and so on 🙂
 Journaling is all about doing what you feel inspired to create! Writing isn't required. You could write one time, paint the next, use pictures from the web or magazines one time, maybe draw/doodle the next! 

No Rules! Just Inspiration!

Journal Prompt  

The ABC's of …

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Page Title/Theme

All About the ABC's

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Here are a few fun titles to inspire you!

  • ABC's of Me (You, Us)
  • All aBout Creativity
  • ABC's of my State (Country)
  • ABC's – An ABC book of animals
  • ABC Activities – An album of child doing/acting out activities that begin with each letter. (A is for Acting, B is for Basketball… Z is for Zoo)
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