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What We Learned at Align and Shine

Sometimes you have those defining moments in life, where you know what life was like before and after an event. Maybe it’s the day you met your spouse, the day your first child was born.  One of mine was the day I learned about BestLife. Another was this past weekend, at our Align and Shine event in Denver, Colorado. The combination of being at an Abraham Hicks Seminar, and being face to face with other BestLife members for a weekend, has started to shift things I didn’t even realize needed shifting. There is so much more than I can say in one blog post about Align and Shine, for now here are a few highlights that were particularly impacting to me:


Day Dream More! Nightmare Less!

Do you remember being a little kid, when you got to be all alone and it felt like your imagination could really take flight? One of the main themes at the Abraham Hicks seminar was the idea that to get in line with what we want, we need to daydream more.  And daydreams don't need to be long, you can have several 10 – 20-second daydreaming sessions throughout your day and be magnificently attracting more of that feeling you are having in the daydream into your life. You can choose to daydream about anything. Abraham said that as long as the daydream brings you a good-feeling feeling, it puts you in the receptive mode for everything that you want.  That means that if it feels good to daydream about being on a warm beach somewhere, and you get caught up in how good that feels, the things you want for your business or relationship or whatever it is you’ve been asking for, lines up and get ready to be received in a way that is most satisfying for you. The Universe knows what we have asked for, our work is to stay in a feel-good/receptive place as much as possible and let things unfold for us.


This was contrasted with the idea of “nightmaring”, which basically means dwelling on negative thoughts and allowing our imagination to focus on the things we do not want. Our minds go to these places in a misguided attempt to protect us from loss or disappointment.  But when we get a broader perspective or see things through God /Source/Universe’s eyes, we can come to understand that there is no need for this. We really are here to create and enjoy this adventure that is our life. So if you find yourself thinking thoughts that you know aren’t going to serve you, it’s a great time to take a deep breath and shift your focus.  If you can take a moment to start appreciating the things around you, you can build off of that feeling of appreciation and start back into a daydream of thinking and feeling about the things you want. Start with something very general, like feeling warm in the sunshine, or the feeling of satisfaction after a great talk with a close friend, and then if it still feels good, you can add more specific details to the daydream. Do this as long as feels good, and if the daydream starts to feel bad, either shift your focus within the daydream, or take your attention off it entirely and think of something else.  


Don’t take action too soon!

Think about being pregnant. We know that something is growing and developing at it’s own pace, and that at some point in time, that baby is going to be ready to be born. Abraham encouraged us to make sure we daydream long enough that the dream is ready to be born as well. They said we sometimes take action too soon. We know when it’s time to take action when you feel so compelled to act like you can’t help but move.  So keep daydreaming, and allow the Universe to direct you into inspired action. And if you’ve realized that you have jumped the gun, just go back to thinking about what you want and start daydreaming again. We are here to learn and enjoy, and there are many ways to get to where you want to go. The Universe can guide you back to where you want to go and still help the dream be born in all its fullness.


If You Want to Be an Uplifter, You Have to Stay in Your Own Alignment

This was so key for me. A woman got up saying she wanted to be a Uplifter, meaning she wanted her life and example of her alignment to help others. But she indicated that she wasn’t sure how her work make others feel or think of her. Abraham said that the only way to be an Uplifter was to maintain your own alignment and not worry about what other people think of what we are doing. If we start looking to them for validation, we then start living conditionally. That means we look for something outside ourselves to feel good. Once we start looking to others to feel good, we step out of that creative space with Source and can’t move forward with the very thing we had always dreamed of doing.   So to be the most effective Uplifter you can, we have to follow what feels good to us, without letting what other people think or feel about what we are doing affect us.


The Power of Connecting with Like-Minded People.

As you may have heard us say, one of the magical things about BestLife is the connections. We meet on conference call line, Zoom Workshops or Facebook Live events multiple times a day. For those of us who are members and on the calls, we develop friendships despite being in different countries and time zones and cultures. When we get together in person, it’s like going from black and white TV to colour.  So we had this wonderful, vivid experience with Abraham, and then got to take time together to talk about it, marinate in it, hear each other’s expansions and let it all sink in further. And we got to have so much fun together! All of us who were there felt so lucky that after the Abraham experience that we got to take the time together to expand on the ideas and energy we receive. Even more, we get to continue to expand  on these ideas together as they continue to germinate in us.


Align and Shine wasn’t our first event, and it wasn’t our last. It’s probably not our last that we will schedule to coincide with an Abraham event. The Leadership team of BestLife, the CEO’s Jen and Scott Kazmierczak, and the Director to Training Super Dave Brisenhan, are all committed to following our Divine Guidance to bring the best to this personal empowerment community. We know that the best is yet to come because we get to create it together.

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Alee Attoe

Alee’s passion is to help people get connected to their Inner Being and their Source. As an Coach and Instructor for “The Magic of Connecting to Your Source” and “Living Your BestLife”, she takes great delight when a student or client finds that beautiful, soothing, satisfying place of alignment. She teaches also teaches a Facebook Live once a week on our BestLife Creation Society Facebook Page. Feel free to tune in Thursdays at 10AM Eastern Standard Time. You can also reach her Facebook Page Inspired Advantage Coaching with Alee Attoe

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