Align & Shine: Why Events with BestLife Rock!

Align & Shine! What a name for our next BestLife Event!  From May 31st -June 2nd, 2019, we have an incredible couple of days when we can come together for a weekend like no other.  


I have had the awesome privilege of being at 3 BestLife Events, and I can tell you that each one has been transformative. Not only was the content of the trainings incredible, just getting to be with all of these people I had gotten to know over the phone lines or over Zoom workshops was such a wonderful experience.The work we did together, both in sessions and more casually over dinner and deepening friendships, ignited a deeper expansion and joy inside me.


Something I noticed that was very different from other conferences and events I had been to was that there was no push from the front, no hype, no staged excitement to boost our motivation. Instead there was always the calling to be inspired from within, to expand deeper into who we were, and let that part of us come out to play in a bigger way.  Going home meant a continuation of this, instead of a flash-in-the-pan experience. The energy of all of us together was tangible, and the connectedness to each other, and deeper to our truest selves helped us all to see the best in ourselves, and what we were growing to become. This deep and abiding sense of well-being, and of expansion, is what came home with me and continued to grow.


And the friendships! I can’t express with words how wonderful it was to meet with other Besties in person! Growing that support of like-minded people, getting to share our life experiences and quirks together, and enjoying our commonalities and our differences was truly wonderful.


Our Align & Shine event is going to be this and more. First of all, we have grown so much since the last time we had an event. The content of the BestLife sessions are going to be life changing.We will be releasing new tools and methods that are going to be so expansionary for us all.  And we are combining our Bestie awesomeness with an Abraham Hicks event. The event is not mandatory, but highly recommended. If you have been on anything BestLife, you will know that the teachings of Abraham has had a profound effect on what and how we teach.


A few other things to know: this event is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a BestLife member. And the BestLife potion is free. If you can get to Denver, Colorado for May 31st – June 2nd, join us and bring some friends!! You do have to pay to see Abraham Hicks, but Jen and Scott, our awesome CEOs, want to keep this event as open as they can to everyone.


So come! If you are feeling inspired in your Inner Being, if you feel an excitement or a longing to join us, then put your order in to the Universe! Ask for a way to be given, for the pieces to come together, for, as Abraham says, all the cooperative components to come and work in your favor.  Keep the feeling of lightness and fun and possibility in front of you when you think of the event, when you look at plane tickets or your bank account. If you are guided to come, then we will see you in Denver! If you want help figuring out how to determine if you are being guided, hop on one of our Zoom Workshops or send us a message, we are happy to help!


For those of you who are feeling called to come, I am so very much looking forward to seeing you at Align & Shine!! 

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Alee Attoe, Sølvi Rabben Teigen, and Michelle Shafir at our Norway Event, September 2017
Image of Alee Attoe, Life Coach and Insructor with BestLife Creation Society

Alee Attoe

Alee’s passion is to help people get connected to their Inner Being and their Source. As an Coach and Instructor for “The Magic of Connecting to Your Source” and “Living Your BestLife”, she takes great delight when a student or client finds that beautiful, soothing, satisfying place of alignment. She teaches also teaches a Facebook Live once a week on our BestLife Creation Society Facebook Page. Feel free to tune in Wednesdays at 3PM EST, 2PM CST, 1PM MST or 12PM PST. You can also reach her Facebook Page Inspired Advantage Coaching with Alee Attoe

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