Building Your Business: Tips from BestLife

Do you have challenges in building your business? Do you feel you can't get people on board with you? No clients? No people who support you? Ever wondered why? Is there anything you would love to change about it?

Read this powerful quote, slowly, with attention…

If you want to build a ship

don't drum up people to collect wood

and don't assign them tasks and work,

but rather teach them to long

for the endless immensity of the sea.

-Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Now, let´s change some of the wording and read it again…

If you want to build a business

don't drum up people to collect clients

and don't assign them tasks and work,

but rather show them their unique greatness

and the way they can use and develop it

by collectively creating

the greater vision of your business.

What does it tell you?

What do you get out of this quote?

Let me take you back to a few weeks ago. I stumbled upon this quote by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. When I read it, it took me right into the beautiful creative process of the BestLife Coaching Society. I could totally relate to everything what´s going on in the BestLife Coaching Society. And here was this beautiful quote that summed it all up.

So what is going on in the BestLife Coaching Society, from my point of view, regarding this quote?

I see, hear and feel  Scott and Jen Kazmierzcak (CEO's of the BestLife Coaching Society) letting us (leadership team and all members) ´long for the endless immensity of the sea´. They invite us to create even more love and light on this planet. To feel happy and keep on feeling a bit happier every day. To manifest with so much ease whatever we want to manifest. To create the most beautiful win/win situation and to embrace the flow of life.

I see, hear and feel that they envision that for all the members of the society. They genuinely love, love, love to see us win. We are not just employees, we are not just clients, we are not just business partners. No. Every person involved receives acknowledgement, is unique, talented, authentic. Every person is seen, being heard, being supported. And because of that people step up, step in their power, feel that this vision is also resonating in them.

It made me feel like reaching out to Scott and Jen Kazmierzcak to ask for their input on this quote. This is what they shared.

“The quote by Antoine de SaintExupéry relates very well to both the birth and the growth of the BestLife Coaching Society, as well as the training and processes we utilize. We open up our abilities to grow and expand when we connect and align with what we want, but even more specifically how we feel about what we want.

As a business owner, when your team sees and feels the vision of the business and sees themselves as a part of it, it becomes a group creation, a joyful, inspired journey.  It has its own magical life and purpose which will continue to grow, evolve and expand each day through the creative synergy of the team.”

So here some tips to apply this quote, this process in your business:

See and feel your vision for your business. What is it you really, really want? Which outcomes do you see? Most of all, do you feel excited about it?

Share your vision with your team (or family and friends, people who support you and love to see you win, when you are in the process of starting). Feel excited about it. See them as part of the beautiful outcome you envision.

Open your ability to grow and expand, together with your team when connecting and aligning with what you want. And… feel excited, happy, blissful, joyful about it.

Enjoy the process and feel good!

And remember, you are so much more than you know!!!

If you want, watch the vlog and participate in a powerful exercise.

Image of Tineke Hakvoort, Instructor and Coach at BestLife Creation Society

Tineke Hakvoort

Tineke has a very loving and supportive energy and has gifted all of us with her daily Leveraging call. She has a unique ability to connect with all types of people and create a loving and supportive space. Since joining BestLife, Tineke has expanded her reach helping others feel empowered and believe in their dreams. She embraces the support and love she receives as a BestLife member and she feels a sense of freedoms knowing that her happiness and dreams are supported as well as encouraged.

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