Defining Success in 2019

What is success? How do you define it?

It’s amazing that this one word actually has billions of definitions, because this planet has billions of people defining it! 
For example,

  • To a business owner it might be opening the doors for the first time OR closing them after a full, long run.
  • To a dying person it might be being surrounded by loved ones OR it might be that they left their family an empire.
  • For the mom it might be just making it through the day without a meltdown (theirs or anothers) OR it might be that their teen called for a ride home from the party rather than ride with the drunk friends.
  • For the recently widowed daddy, it might be that he got the kiddo to the right school and almost on time OR it might be that they’ve always had a nanny and there won’t be much disruption to their routine.
  • To the student, it might be passing a class OR it might be not getting attacked even once that day.
  • For the tiny ballerina it might be being the star of the show OR it might be just getting on stage in her beautiful, sparkly costume.

Isn’t it fantastic that there can be so many different ways to feel successful? 

So, based on all of this:

  • if you have any loved ones, you are a success. 
  • if you got through the day without a meltdown (yours or someone else’s), you are a success. 
  • if you didn’t make it through the day without a meltdown, but you did make it through the day, you are a success! 
  • if your kid came home today, huge success!
  • if your kid ever calls you; another huge success.
  • If you’ve ever taken a class and passed; success! 
  • If you have something you are passionate about and enjoy, even more success! 

Social media has added even more definitions to this simply complicated word! Now instead of a tired mom turning to other tired moms for support and encouragement, the tired mom turns to FaceBook where only photos of perfect meals, sexy date nights, adorable and well behaved children and freshly dusted furniture all leave her feeling more tired and not very successful. Oh, if we could see just off camera in these posts!

So often the very reason the person is sharing is because, in that moment, they felt successful. They spent the time to set it up with purpose. Five minutes after the photo posts and the beautiful meal is gone, an hour later and date night is over, two minutes after the perfect photo of the adorable child and Jack-Jack from Incredibles 3 showed up and chaos ensued! And the dusting? Well, that was probably just photoshopped!

Hmm, it’s starting to appear as if success is all about perception. 
What if you could just choose to accept that you are successful? 

There is so much about you that is unique to just you! You and only you. Your fingerprints, your DNA, your memories, your desires, and more! All of these things come together in this fantastic, unique, one-of-a-kind, beautiful masterpiece of you! 

Ok, now that all of that is out of the way, let’s talk about 2019. January is always a time to refelct and plan for many and at the top of the list is being successful. Check that one off, you nailed it! 

There is an easy release that might help here. Take a deep breath, hold it, and say to yourself: I release all blocks and barriers to acknowledging being successful. Blow it out! 
Inhale again and hold it, say to yourself: I’m so thankful, grateful and blessed that I’m so successful! YES! 

You are successful. You are a unique, brilliant, amazing person! Each day bring new opportunity for success. 

Keeping in mind that success is based on perception, let’s take a fresh look at a few more examples. 

  • I started a new diet last Monday, but Sunday was a family event and I blew it. I failed. NOPE!
    • How about rephrasing it? Something like, I’ve been so successful this week! I think I’ll just keep going. There’s no reason to look at what didn’t happen or didn’t go the way you wanted. Focus on what did! Great job! 
  • I wanted to spend more quality time with my kids and I did great for a couple of days. Then I was just too tired so I put a movie in and collapsed on the couch. I failed. NOPE!
    • Rephrased it sounds like this; I had several great days with my kids. on Friday we were all so tired we had a movie party and snuggled up *together* for a quiet night. When we focus on what is good and right, we find success everywhere!
  • I planned on being on time every day this week, but I was late one day.
    • Rephrased: I was on time four days this week!! It was awesome and made me feel good!

Your turn! What successes have you had this week? Share them in the FaceBook group comments below the newsletter post! 

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