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What is journaling and why do it?

Journaling is just another way of expressing yourself. There aren't any rules really and there are so many different ways to have fun with journaling and journals! Change the word to whatever feels good and encourages you! Maybe you prefer idea book or art portfolio? Perhaps diary strikes a cord or maybe just simply calling it your notebook? Whatever you want to name it, it's simply about expressing you in a way that feels uplifiting and encouraging! 

Here are a few examples of journal types: 

  1. Writing Journal – This one is probably the most common and is simply writing whatever you are thinking, dreaming, hoping, desiring, enjoying, thankful for and want to express.
    • Creative writing prompts can be helpful with this type of journal. A prompt is simply an idea that sparks a desire to write.
  2. Art Journal – You guessed it! It holds your art! You could include photos of paintings, sculptures, quilts, beautiful cakes or whatever your art of choice is or draw/sketch/paint right in the book! 
  3. Dream Journal – Exactly what it sounds like! The best place for this one is right next to where you sleep as most people don't recall dreams upon waking.
    • Have you ever woken up and recalled a dream with an exciting idea? A solution to something you'd been working on or a fun project? Having a journal near by would make it easy to jot those ideas down while still fresh in your mind! 
  4. Prayer Journal – Write your prayers out in this journal. Use this as a source of encouragement and a way to express what's on your heart. 
  5. Gratitude Journal – What are you thankful for? Have you heard this: What if you woke up tomorrow with only what you were thankful for today? WOW! Beginning or ending your day (or anytime you need a pick-me-up) with writing what you are thankful for is a great reminder of blessings, abundance and joy all around! 
  6. Activity/Project Journal – Love to garden? Build things? Workout? Design? or Create? A project journal is a great place to write those exciting ideas down when you get the inspiration! Anything goes! No rules in journaling. 
  7. Scrapbooks – Simply put, scrapbooks (photo albums) are simply journals or stories with photos! They are an amazing way to capture fun, exciting, adventurous, silly and treasured moments while still fresh and easy to recall. Once the photo is there and the journaling (story/explanation) is written out, the memory is easy to recall every time the page is viewed! 

Do you need a different type of journal for each idea? Nope! You can have one journal and put in there whatever you want! Maybe today you woke up with a great idea, write it in there! Maybe while driving you were overwhelmed with how blessed you are, write it out! 

Each week I will share a journal prompt under the heading Journaling 101 in the weekly newsletter! The prompt is meant to spark ideas and action, but what you create is whatever feels good to you! Splats of color on a page with a quote on it IS journaling! A poem is journaling! Writing out your desires, prayers, dreams, ideas, and feelings IS journaling!

Week of January 21 – JOURNAL PROMPT: 

When I think of 2019 I would like to feel…… 


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Feel free to leave comments/suggestions/ideas or examples of your journaling in the section below! 

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