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Mindset Blocks: Stop Standing In Your Own Way

Today, I wanted to blog about Mindset Blocks so that those who are striving to become leaders in business can create the life they want.

Why am I talking about mindset and business? They actually go hand-in-hand. Have you ever had a negative co-worker or manager who complained about their day? I think we all have! I bring that up because most of us ambitious, goal driven, movers and shakers DON’T want to be that person/co-worker! If you feel like you are that coworker, I’m here to tell you not to worry. You just have mindset blocks that are stopping the good flow of energy… and those blocks can be released.

Here are 3 ways you can release Mindset Blocks:

Become Aware:

First and foremost, what is a block? A block is a limiting belief that creates self-sabotaging behavior. Anyone and everyone with a mind has blocks. (myself included) The 1st step to eliminate those  blocks is to become aware that they exist. When you create awareness and see how your thoughts get in the way; you can choose to change those thoughts.

Change I Can't to I Will

One block you can easily become aware of is the “I Can’t” belief. This block is sometimes rooted in a truth or a pattern of behavior. This belief appears when people are challenged. Soon as something doesn’t go as they planned they immediately turn to “I Can’t do it” when in reality they just haven’t figured out a way to do it. 

Last month, I was hiking in Arizona when I became aware of my own “I Can’t” block. I was half way up Squaw Peak when I  began to think multiple “I can’t” statements. IT WAS SO SILLY. Luckily, I had my partner Taylor who began to remind me that I could change those limiting thoughts. When you remove, “I can’t” from your self-talk, you open the way for, “Maybe, I can.” and then, “I will.” 

Once you get that down, you can affirm to yourself “I am doing it”. Apply this in your life and you’ll soon be able help others apply it in their lives. I’ve seen leaders transform toxic work environments into striving and uplifting office spaces, where everyone works under the belief that they can and will achieve what they desire.

Find A Good Coach:

“I have to do it alone.” This block (just like any) can be changed, and it starts with grabbing onto a good coach. Just like you would hire a trainer in the gym, it’s important you find a coach who can help you with your goals in business. Most business leaders understand the importance of growth and self-development. But, finding someone you can trust with your growth and development can be tricky. 

Blocks can be hidden behind traumatic life events, old ways of thinking, and negative patterns. It’s important you find someone you can trust and feel good opening up to. I’m glad I had a coach I could pour my heart onto because she made me incredibly aware of my blocks. Not only that, but she helped me clear blocks that weren’t serving me.

BestLife Creation Society has multiple coaches who have been educated in subconscious block clearing. I loved their coaches so much, I decided to become one! When I saw results in my business, I knew I wanted to share the lessons and techniques that changed my life with other striving leaders. Today, I’ve built my business off of that passion. If I wouldn’t have been coached, I never have become a striving, goal-driven entrepreneur.

Image of Allison Grippe, Life Coach with BestLife Creation Society

Allison Grippe

Allison is one of the youngest members here at BestLife Coaching Society. At 22, she is an amazing and driven entrepreneur that has used BestLife to build her business. She was able to approach Apple and Android to create a “What did you forget” app due to her amazing creativity and professional ability. Allison is young, energetic and such an incredible contribution to BestLifeife coaching to promote overall wellness. Check out her blog Weekly Tip with Allison Grippe for some more great articles from her!

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