Problems Always Lead to Solutions

Problems always lead to solutions, to find them, here are some easy tools.

The Law of attraction always brings you more of what you're focused on. What has more of your attention, the problem or the solution?

Problems Automatically Offer Solutions

Let's look at a couple of examples:

  • IF I had a headache, that was gone when I woke up in the morning would I frantically go looking for it and talked about it until it came back? OR are do you just appreciate that it's gone?
  • IF I had an argument with my teen over breakfast, would I remind him of it later when we were laughing and having a good time so that we could continue the disagreement? OR would you just be happy being happy?
  • IF your employee was known for constantly being on their phone but hadn't been in over a week, would you decide to fire them for what they had done before? OR would you appreciate the improvement?

Acknowledge the situation or feeling (headache, argument, issue) allows us to see what we don't want, that's called contrast.

In seeing what we don't want, we are actually learning what we do want. As soon as we recognize what we do want, we begin moving towards that.

The freedom of choice happens here.

  • Either go searching for the headache, or appreciate that it's gone and how good that feels.
  • Could either chew on argument and share it with everyone you come across, or appreciate them throughout the day.
  • Could fire the employee for past behavior, or intentionally recognize and thank them for what they're doing well.

A Couple of Tools To Better Handle Problems

  1. Meditation – consider you're in a very noisy house with your family, there's a tv in one room, a kid playing drum in another and yet another one is singing and squealing. Now imagine you find a quiet place to go to, like a closet. Your mind is like that home with your thoughts all over the place. Meditation allows you to find that quiet space so you can feel your connection.
  1. Appreciation – is like the vibration of love in the moment. Finding what feels good right now. Even if it's just taking a deep breath or gazing out your window, allow the feeling of appreciation and find more to appreciate.

A Good Approach Moving Forward

So the next time something happens that doesn't feel good, know there is a purpose for it. Be easy about this. Be gentle to yourself. Be kind to yourself. You are a work in progress. Find a place to meditate or find something(s) in the moment to appreciate.

When you look for what you want to see, you'll see it. When you know that things are working out for you, they are. You are loved, valued and appreciated.

When you are loving and appreciating others you'll surely feel it shining back on you.

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