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Reframing Self-Care

Reframing Self-Care

Yesterday, I typed “Self-Care” into a search bar on  Barnes and Nobles website and came across 975 results! There is without a doubt a buzz around the topic of Self-Care. With many different perspectives, writings, and viewpoints it can sometime be difficult to know who to listen to.  As a coach who searched to know what the best form of self-care was, I can simply tell you there is no best form. There is only your form! You define what self-care is to you, and it all starts with tuning in.

What is Self-Care?

Randi Kay, a local yogi I recently listened to at The Women’s Health Conference, defined self-care as being “The act of tuning into your true needs and acting accordingly.” Isn’t that freeing!? I found freedom in being open with myself, and tuning in to my inner guidance system. That alone, I believed to be an act of self-love…and for me it is.

As a society we materialize self-care without the act of tuning in to what we truly need. We see #Blessed behind designer purse purchases, and #SelfLove within a tub of ice cream. Our souls don’t need the material items to be fulfilled. Nurture, love, energy, and light are a few things our souls crave. So don’t think you have to plan a huge shopping spree or spa day to show yourself love. You can act by tuning in, listening to your heart, and being aware of your thoughts.

As you tune in and listen to what you want, begin to take action towards creating daily self-care habits. Self-Care should not be an item on a to-do list, it should be a way of life.

Examples of Self-Care: (Remember to tune in, use your intuition, and act upon what feels good to you.)

Going for a walk- Listening to music, audios, or taking out your pet can be a great act of self-love. Move your energy.

Changing Jobs- Sometimes it takes change in your everyday routine to create a routine of self-love. If the job is toxic and causing more stress than the emotion of feeling good, it may be time to let go.

Saying No- Accepting the fact you can’t split your focus is a form of self-love. Stress and overwhelm can destroy our health.

Taking Baths- Epsom salts and essential oils can relax the body and release tension. Baths allow me to feel perpetual beauty and overall calm.

Eating Healthy Meals- Giving your body proper nutrients will increase your energy levels. Increased energy means more serotonin! (happy hormones)

As a coach I cannot fill from an empty cup. Showing myself love is a way of showing my clients and fellow coaches respect. Self-Care is simply outward focused. These little acts of love can have profound effects on your relationships, health, business, and overall lifestyle.

Comment your actions of self-care below! It’s our job to take care of one another! You never know who you may inspire!

Image of Allison Grippe, Life Coach with BestLife Creation Society

Allison Grippe

Allison is one of the youngest members here at BestLife Coaching Society. At 22, she is an amazing and driven entrepreneur that has used BestLife to build her business. She was able to approach Apple and Android to create a “What did you forget” app due to her amazing creativity and professional ability. Allison is young, energetic and such an incredible contribution to BestLifeife coaching to promote overall wellness. Check out her blog Weekly Tip with Allison Grippe for some more great articles from her!

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