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Congratulations Tammy on Your Book Launch!

Amazon Best Seller!

We would like to congratulate BestLife Creation Society coach and leader, Tammy Loftis on the very successful launch of her book, Dear Victim, It's time for us to Break Up Now!: A Story of Empowerment through Forgiveness, Strength and Love.

Tammy was born in 1967 in Topeka, KS and was the first to graduate high school and college in her family. She married and had two beautiful children that then blessed her with three grandchildren. 

Divorced and learning to heal from her depression, she later moved to Atlanta, GA in 2011 where her passion for life was ignited through becoming a personal trainer. It was through her training that she realized she was doing more than just shaping peoples body. She was helping them heal from the inside out. 

This ignited a new passion and fire to become a life coach and public speaker. She started writing in 2013 and found a gift and talent for it that she was unaware of. In 2017 she made the decision to sell everything she owned and relocate to San Diego, Cal. Although she had no friends, nowhere to live and no job, and less than $700 in her bank account, she arrived in San Diego Jan 2018 full of excitement. 

In less than 90 days she finished her first manuscript and handed it over to her editor. She then started a successful podcast, grew her life coaching business and followed her dreams of becoming a published bestselling author. 

Coach Tammy shares her life with transparency and fire in hopes to ignite the fire in others to do the same. She loves to share through her book, podcast, website and speaking engagements. 

To connect with Cali Tammy (as she is lovingly referred to), be sure to visit her

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