The Law of ‘Me-Deciding’

What is the Law of Me-Deciding? We live in a vibrational universe based on the Law of Attraction. According to Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, vibration is the response of harmony or discord of all things to all things and you are one of those things.

“Everything in life is vibration” ~ Albert Einstein

Law of Attraction says: Things of like vibration are drawn to each other.  When you say, “Birds of a feather flock together,” you are actually talking about the Law of Attraction.  

You are both a broadcaster and receiver of the vibrations through your thoughts.

You feel these thoughts with your emotions, long before you can see, hear, taste, and touch them with your physical senses.

Another way to look at the Law of Attraction for yourself personally is – This is the Law of “Me-Deciding How I Want to Feel“.

Your feelings, which are the interpreters of the vibration allow you to navigate your life.

First, you will feel the feeling and then experience the physical evidence.

Here’s a fun, very real example: A lady working at a lodge and was involved in many facets of running it like booking, cleaning, cooking, and more. She enjoys her job, except the owner has an exuberant dog that is allowed to run around the camp, jump on people and even bit a camper once. She spoke to her boss about the dog and the boss replied that the dog had more right to be there than she did. This really upset the woman.  She was upset that they cared more about the dog than they did about her. 

At first, she was irritated and annoyed by the dog. So the dog's unwanted behavior became her focus so her vibration of irritation attracted more of the unruly behavior from the dog which caused her more irritation.   

Until she realized this is the Law of “Me-Deciding How I Want to Feel” and that problem wasn't actually the dog, it was her focus on the behavior and her pushing up against (or being annoyed by) the dog that was attracting it. 

As she looked at and acknowledged the situation it was easy for her to decide that she wanted to feel better.  

Ahh, I've identified you dog as my enemy, but actually you're not my enemy. You're just a dog being a dog. You're a dog showing me my dominant vibration right now. Thank you, thank you. And when she shifted even that much, things began to change. 

The bigger picture is that the woman was actually focused on the negative and broadcasting it by thinking and stewing on it. By feeling and emphasizing the negative, more of it came to her. When she deliberately acknowledged how she was feeling she was then able to shift her focus.

The beautiful thing is the moment you recognize that which you don't want, you begin to shift to what you do want. It's beautiful that life offers us so many opportunities like this each and every day to recognize what we are broadcasting and how we can always choose a better vibration.

She was receiving from the dog what she was broadcasting. Something to consider when pondering bothersome situations in your own life. Just like the dog and the woman.

It wasn't the dog that needed to change.
And so it is for each of us, the change we are looking for always comes from within us. 

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