Leveraging Your BestLife!

Leveraging: We start with a short meditation and  finish by sending each and every one pure loving energy for 68 seconds (= leveraging). If you want us to send the energy to the outcome of something you want to manifest, please share and we will focus on the most beautiful outcome (or something so much better) for 68 seconds.

An awesome place to interact in person and learn more about BestLife! 

Read what Bajram Tershani had to say : My opinion about leveraging with Tineke: To do leveraging with Tineke Hakvoort help to much me, to be myself, to restart my energy, to fill my power, I can find the right words to describe the emotion's, filling in procecs…. but It's so strong and powerful.

3a ET, 2a CT, 1a MT, 12a PT, 11p AT (Fri),
10p HT (Fri), 0900 CET



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