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Journaling Inspirations – All About You!

Journaling is an exciting, inspirational way to share you! Below you will find a few ideas to spark imagination and creativity! There aren’t any rules to journaling, so I invite you to use this as simply inspiration to create.

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Childhood Dreams

Childhood dreams and aspirations is the theme for this weeks blog post and free downloadable journal page and creative worksheet.

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Enlightened Kids

Aren’t kids amazing? When we can watch them, nurture them, stand back and let their personalities bloom and grow, it’s just an amazing experience. I never imagined that being a grandparent would be such a fun journey!

Today I have a fun story to share about my oldest granddaughter, Abbi. She is almost 4 years old with an old soul that is so filled with an innate wisdom and love, a day with her is always a fun adventure.

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Today I….. With Tammey Brown

Journal Prompt and worksheet for the week of February 18 by Tammey Brown. This week includes prompts like:

Today I am thankful for…
Today I am taking time for me by writing down my dreams….
Today I will focus on feeling good by….I love that I …..

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Love is a Choice

With 20 years scrapbooking, and much of it spent teaching and helping others do it, I’ve learned a lot about what people love and what

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What My Father Taught Me About Active Listening

My father always told me to “listen before you speak.” If you don’t know him it’s important you know that he is a very wise man. Throughout his professional career, whether he is talking to his mentor, coworker, or customer base he listens with attention and focus! His way of active listening prompts trust in those he is talking to.

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