Are You a “Good” Listener?

“Are you a good listener?” Most of us would say, “Yes, of course!” But what does that mean, really? For some it means, “I never interrupt when someone else is speaking.” For another, “I never forget what someone says.” For still another, “I never check my phone when someone else is speaking.” And today, perhaps, “If I am on a call, I never answer another one.”

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Image of Water Droplet

What is Intention?

Setting an intention can help you create a positive lifestyle, but what else do we know about intentions? Truth is, before I started my yoga teacher training in October I knew very little about setting intention. I knew that it felt good to have an intention, and I knew that my yoga teacher gave me time during each class to set one. But I still had so many unanswered questions like…What is an intention? Why is it important to have one? What can your intention do for others lives? And why are we taking time to set intentions in yoga class?

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Enlightened Kids

Aren’t kids amazing? When we can watch them, nurture them, stand back and let their personalities bloom and grow, it’s just an amazing experience. I never imagined that being a grandparent would be such a fun journey!

Today I have a fun story to share about my oldest granddaughter, Abbi. She is almost 4 years old with an old soul that is so filled with an innate wisdom and love, a day with her is always a fun adventure.

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