Peace with Where You’re At

How to find peace with where you're at

There is so much peace in recognizing that we always do the best we can with what we know in the moment. Everything is in motion forward and there isn't anything to go back to. Everything is progressive, just like one season leads to the next.

We can only ever be right where we are and know that you've always done your best in every moment. Give yourself a break.

Oh, this offers such peace. When you can accept that (from wherever you're at) you can get to wherever you desire.

In the space of recognizing that which we don't desire (or what isn't wanted), what we do desire is birthed. So, if we continue to look at the contrast, or what we don't want, we stay or get stuck in what we don't want.

Why? Because we're resisting the solution. We're saying no, no, no, my foot hurts, there's a problem and focusing on the problem feels bad.

Maybe consider looking at this in a different way. Instead of focusing on the pain and problem, simply acknowledging the situation, accept it and keep moving.

For example, if you hurt your foot,

you could sit and focus on the pain in your foot (worry about it, analyze, stress and dig into the problem)


you could say yes my foot hurts, which acknowledges it without pushing against it (or seeing the foot or the pain as an enemy) which gives such a sense of relief

How to begin

Begin by acknowledging the problem (or contrast) with something like; Ok, my foot hurts and it's telling me it needs my attention.

Next, ask yourself Can I be okay with that? Or in essence, accept that the pain is helpful and guiding towards a solution.

Because when we can make peace with where we're at (accepting the pain as helpful) something beautiful happens. We begin to recognize we have a sense of control and that negative feeling isn't controlling us anymore.

We are more than just physical bodies. We are extensions of God/Source Energy and we each have our own Inner Being or Soul which is the Broader Aspect of You. When we're in the middle of contrast, (for example, a hurting foot) our Inner Being is right there with us, but instead of getting hung up on the contrast or pain, the solution is vibrationally created for you.

Allow Your Solution

The negative emotion being felt is an indicator that we are experiencing the situation differently than our Inner Being. But, when we acknowledge and make peace with the situation we begin to feel our guidance.

So the guidance will gently allow us to feel better feelings and be comfortable feeling good despite our situation. In acknowledging that it doesn't feel good, but I don't have to stay there, we are allowing better feeling situations, ideas, and thoughts to come in. It may look like going for a walk, getting a hot fudge sundae, or playing with your kids…

Why is this important? Because what you want feels better than focusing on what you don't. In order to receive and maintain your desires, you need to shift from focusing on what feels bad (negative or heavy) to being comfortable feeling good.

And this might be something new for you if you're used to being hard on yourself. So be easy about this. Your loving sweet path is always being illuminated for you.

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