The ONLY 2 Reasons for Contrast

There are two reasons for contrast, just two, and it's necessary. Contrast gives us opportunity to choose.

1. The contrast is helping us to actually move forward and open up a new desire. This contrast will inspire a new idea, for example, a new way to run your business, an improvement in your family, or a new way of generating income.

Contrast always inspires something new for you.

2. The other reason is that you are vibrating without acknowledging something that is of negative emotion. Maybe you are trying to control things that are out of your control. Maybe you are worried, stressed over things or too planned out. It is causing some negative emotion.

It's either there because it's your path of least resistance and it's going to open you up or there is a vibration that you've not acknowledged. Either way – what do you do with the contrast? The exact same thing.

You acknowledge it and flow forward to a better feeling. You don't say:

  • Why did I have this contrast?
  • I need to get to the bottom of this contrast
  • What was I thinking about yesterday?

Beating yourself up will only grow that contrast. Simply acknoweldge it and flow forward to a better feeling knowing that what you've asked in that moment of contrast is given.

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