We’re All In This Together

We are all in this together! The world is not broken. There is nothing here to be fixed, instead, all of the asking (prayers, journaling, complaining, wishing, or desiring) to this point has been answered. The asking isn't done nor is the answering finished, as there is always more contrast to inspire new desires.

There has been a very large asking for improvement throughout the planet. We have the opportunity right now to feel and flow in the direction of unconditional love more than we ever have before and it's coming in a very global way.

Right now we each have the opportunity to align ourselves with the solution through love, joy, well-being, and what feels better or not.

Unconditional Love, Unconditional Alignment, Unconditional Well-Being, Unconditional Joy, Unconditional Freedom – This is what's being asked for on a global scale.

We have the opportunity to do it in a way where we are attaching ourselves to conditions like

  • I'll feel better when…
  • I get back to work
  • When the kids are back in school
  • When things get back to normal
  • I will feel better when ______ (fill in the blank)

We also have the opportunity to leave the conditions out and unconditionally find your feel good now, by feeling your freedom, knowing the solution is coming, and understanding the planetary asking (and my asking) is being answered.

When I allow myself to enjoy life without the conditions, more of what I desire is coming through.

If I rally against what is coming or complain that it's not happening fast enough, or I try to get to the bottom of the problem, it seems like this is the worst of times. If I’m looking for a cause or who’s to blame, even if I stand with others who feel the same, it’s going to feel bad – and it should.

But if you choose to feel your alignment, to feel a part of this becoming and this planetary solution, you will feel yourself acclimating to that newness that is unfolding right in front of us.

There will be no returning back to what was, it will be new, an enhanced new. Instead of feeling like you need to push against the contrast or like something is against you, you'll feel inspiration and so many new ideas, you'll see the kindness coming through in people, you'll see the improvement and will, in essence, be part of the solution.

You will see your asking specifically being answered and you'll be part of the solution and it's SO good.

It doesn't take that many people to feel their connection to something bigger make a difference, to help inspire and uplift others, but don't uplift others thinking they need uplifting. Do it because it feels good to you. You can be the one…..

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