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Honouring My Body

A humans, we can spend a lot of time and attention on what our bodies “should” be. It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on what our bodies are not, instead of what they are. I have been taking small moments out of my day to honour my body, and have been very pleased with the results.

We are often taught that the body is separate from us, that we need to distance ourselves from it or it will cause us to do something we regret.. There are fascinating religions and philosophies based around separating your intellect, which was perceived as being closer to God, from your body, which was considered base and animalistic.  What's interesting is that the more you separate from your body, it seems the less grounded you are. The more people make decisions that are hurtful, egotistic, selfish, perhaps done for a “higher cause” but not helping anyone. It's hard to connect to our emotions when we are all up in our heads, which means we lose the guidance system we came equipped with to help us stay on track.


If you think like me, that we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings having spiritual experiences, we can think or our bodies as housing for our spirits that are on our journey here. It’s within our bodies, in us, that we have the more transformative experience, not “out there”. Eckhart Tolle in “The Power of Now” reflects on how people who punish their bodies or try to escape their bodies find that they are less effective at finding peace and fulfillment then when they go through the body and get grounded in the Present Moment.  When astronauts go into space, they put on a space suit. They direct that suit to go wherever it needs to go. They know it has limitations, but it enables them to have incredible experiences in places their frail bodies could not survive.


As so our bodies here are like earth suits. They house our spirit as we experience all we can on this planet.  When our time here is done we shed them and go from one state to another, like an astronaut stepping back into the airlock. We go back to where we came from.


While we are here, our bodies the gateway to our true self that existed before we came to this planet and still thrives in us today. When we honour the physical body that houses us, we can go within and re-discover the inner body, or the inner being.  When we are in that place, where we can feel and honour the outer and the inner, it’s like all the lights go on. The components come together. We essentially, turn on the whole system and discover we are much more capable and powerful than we imagined.  


Using your body to tune into your Inner Being means we can be in the Present Moment, the Now, and this is a place where we have the power to create, to ask the Universe for what we want, to consciously decide what we want to put out into the ether and joyfully wait to see how the Universe answers.  


So if you realize that you have been thinking negatively about your body, comparing it to others, or dismissing what it’s trying to say to you, maybe take a moment to pause and thank it for all it does for you. Close your eyes. Look within and say thank you.

Thank you, Body for housing me.

Thank you for letting me move through this Earth with so much ease.

Thank for for the sensations I feel.

Thank you for sight, taste, touch, and hearing.

Thank you for all the systems running right now that keep me alive and perceptive to what is around me.

Thank you for staying connected to my Inner Being and Source Energy, even when I am not paying attention.

Thank you for being my gateway back Home.


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Alee Attoe

Alee’s passion is to help people get connected to their Inner Being and their Source. As an Coach and Instructor for “The Magic of Connecting to Your Source” and “Living Your BestLife”, she takes great delight when a student or client finds that beautiful, soothing, satisfying place of alignment. She teaches also teaches a Facebook Live once a week on our BestLife Creation Society Facebook Page. Feel free to tune in Wednesdays at 3PM EST, 2PM CST, 1PM MST or 12PM PST. You can also reach her Facebook Page Inspired Advantage Coaching with Alee Attoe

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