Refresh Your Tired Legs

Who has not ever come home from their day of sitting, standing, lifting, walking – whatever your day usually entails – and not noticed how tired your legs are? We all have encountered that at one time or another.

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Image for Blog by Alee Attoe, Honoring my Earthsuit

Honouring My Body

A humans, we can spend a lot of time and attention on what our bodies “should” be. It’s easy to get caught up in focusing

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Releasing Irritation 1 Tip at a Time

Have you ever noticed how fast people can flip a switch from feeling terrific to feeling irritated? If not, here is an example: Have you ever stubbed your toe? One second your walking just fine, and the next you’re inside your own head shouting vulgar words while hopping on one foot. We can go from feeling terrific to feeling totally angsty and irritated within the matter of seconds. I learned after observing myself and others in a multitude of different situations that this doesn’t have to happen!

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Defining Success in 2019

What is success? How do you define it? It’s amazing that this one word actually has billions of definitions, because this planet has billions of

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